31 December 2009

The entryway...

I have had the entry way table in place for months, I have just not taken a photo. I thought that I was going to repaint the table; however, the color has really grown on me. It has turned out to be a great piece of furniture for keys, chapstick, and mail. And to think, I got this at the Brown Elephant for only $5!



30 December 2009

Mirrored containers...

I was perusing the latest Martha Stewart Living Magazine and found information about how to make the aged mirror look on glass items. It sounded easy, so I had to do it!

Well, a word of warning...I searched all over for the paint. I finally found it at a Hobby Lobby. Do call ahead to your local Hobby Lobby before you go out there to make sure that they have it in stock. Unless, of course you are in the mood to visit your local Hobby Lobby. I paid $6.99 per can, a bit steep but worth it!

Here is how I did it:

You will need 1-2 cans of Krylon Looking Glass -Mirror Like Paint, a spray bottle filled with water, some painters tape, some paper to cover the glasses, and a large shoe box to put the glasses in while you spray them.

+First, wrap the glasses in painters tape and paper. You will be spraying on the inside, the covering with help protect the outside.

+Next, mist the inside of the glasses LIGHTLY with the water. You are now ready to spray with the paint. I found it worked best if you go in a down up motion. The directions say that you can wait a minute and spray another coat. I do recommend doing this. It will take quite a few coats to cover the glasses nicely. If you find that the aged look is not happening like you would prefer, continue to mist with water between coats.

+Finally between coats, let air dry. Martha recommended that you spray and put upside down on a drying rack. Well, I did not have a spare drying rack. I did, however, have the top of the shoe box so I let them dry there. I do not really think that you need to turn them upside down. I did the first time, and the excess paint came out...this was a bit messy.

+Let dry for an hour or so. Remove the paper and enjoy the beauty. I did have a bit of paint that seeped through the tape, I just wiped it off with a wet towel.

And here is the finished product...

I am searching for more glass items that I can spray with this miracle product. Perhaps you will see more items?

Living Room...

The fireplace is finished and so is the living room arrangement...almost! I still have done nothing with the color, but at least major pieces of the living room are in place...just in time for our New Year's Eve celebration.

Here are some of the before photographs:

I am really happy with the way that the fireplace has turned out. Yesterday was spent hanging prints, the deer head, and the heavy mirror that is above the fireplace.

I hope that you enjoy the photographs.

The previous owner left this treasure in the basement. It was covered with paint, perhaps that is why? I cleaned it up and look how great it looks.

Oh, look there is that lamp from my trip to Milwaukee with a shade that I found at Urban Outfitters. If you notice in the corner on the sofa is one of my favorite Christmas gifts from my mother...my faux animal fur blanket. It is lovely and warm. I also love my little juicer people that are resting nicely upon the stack of books.

And the deer head. I had another chair here, but I think that the white Coyote Lady chair looks best here. I was not trying to create a outdoorsy themed corner, I just thought that one tree stump looked nice next to the chair below the deer head.

So, some friends will be coming over for a New Year's Eve dinner tomorrow. I will post photographs and perhaps video of the event. We will each be providing the after-dinner entertainment. Please check back for that!

Also, my blog is undergoing some aesthetic changes...thanks Josh! Let me know what you think about the final product.

29 December 2009

The bench...

The bench is finished! I was not confident with my upholstery skills, so I let Josh take over. The fabric was a bit dated and too feminine for my taste, so a plaid pattern was chosen. Now, as you can tell from the photo, this really is not a bench that you hang out on, just something nice to look at. If you wanted to sit on the bench if you came to my house, feel free.

Please enjoy the before, during, and after photographs.

P.S. I am working on another project that I found in the current issue of Martha Stewart Living. Please stay tuned for photographs...the items are currently drying.

27 December 2009

Tray Stand...

I finished painting the legs for the tray stand quite some time ago; however, I have been searching for a tray that would fit it well. I painted the legs black and replaced the straps, making it a bit taller.

Here are the before photographs:

I have not decided upon where it will go, or what items to place on the tray. I am not a big drinker, so a bar probably would not be the best use of the tray. Any suggestions?

22 December 2009

Note to my readers...

An update, the washer and dryer are in; however, the room is not painted. I will post photos as soon as that gets done.

The fireplace is finished; however, the cords that hang from the television and other electronic items are quite unsightly. I need to find a solution for them.

I have many photos of the process, so please stay tuned for the reveal. Sorry for the delay friends.

A sneak peak...

Oh, perhaps you would enjoy Josh's company's holiday video...I find it hilarious!

21 December 2009

Yes, I bought it...

I was supposed to be looking for Christmas gifts today, and I stumbled upon this gem in Z Gallerie. I was wanting a real deer head, but I thought that this would be the next best thing...without killing one and all. It is supposed to be drift wood...we shall see.

I wanted to put the link up, but they only have the white lacquer one with a typo in the description (dear).

I carried the box through the mall. A bit embarrassing, but the box was light. I haven't decided where it will go yet. Once I decide, I will post photos.

20 December 2009

Winter break rearranging...

My winter break has begun, so I hope to be working on several projects around the house.

I did some shuffling of furniture in the living room. I really like the new placement of the bookcase. Now, if I could just get those walls painted.

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10 December 2009

Faculty treats...

This year I wasn't able to get my mother to bake my treats for school, but her recipes were the next best thing. Also, I was attempting to impress with a large spread, as well as using part of my white collection. This year it is more subdued. Plus, I am sharing the responsibility this year.

I finished the cakes tonight, I hope that they are delicious.

This year...

Last year...

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The tree...

So, Josh fixed the tree a bit...I think that it looks much better. He moved it onto the plant table. We ran to Target and picked up some fun decorations. I particularly enjoy the cardinal on the top. Oh and how it sparkles...Please ignore the terrible wall color and the ridiculous blinds.

On a side note...still have not painted the living room walls. Plus, when the house was purchased, the seller thought that the blinds were an appropriate solution for covering the windows. The only nice thing, I sometimes can see the stars from the space and icicles.

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Urban outfitters...

I saw these canisters at Urban Oufitters & I really want them! Not certain what I would do with them, but I surely could find a use. They are a great color, and glass!

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01 December 2009


I have stumbled upon a great new blog. Curbly is a design blog that shares ideas for great projects. I have saved quite a few ideas already for upcoming projects in my design folder. Some ideas that I want to try very soon:

It gets better...they even are offering this great contest where you can win this ottoman.

shameless...I know!
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