30 December 2009

Living Room...

The fireplace is finished and so is the living room arrangement...almost! I still have done nothing with the color, but at least major pieces of the living room are in place...just in time for our New Year's Eve celebration.

Here are some of the before photographs:

I am really happy with the way that the fireplace has turned out. Yesterday was spent hanging prints, the deer head, and the heavy mirror that is above the fireplace.

I hope that you enjoy the photographs.

The previous owner left this treasure in the basement. It was covered with paint, perhaps that is why? I cleaned it up and look how great it looks.

Oh, look there is that lamp from my trip to Milwaukee with a shade that I found at Urban Outfitters. If you notice in the corner on the sofa is one of my favorite Christmas gifts from my mother...my faux animal fur blanket. It is lovely and warm. I also love my little juicer people that are resting nicely upon the stack of books.

And the deer head. I had another chair here, but I think that the white Coyote Lady chair looks best here. I was not trying to create a outdoorsy themed corner, I just thought that one tree stump looked nice next to the chair below the deer head.

So, some friends will be coming over for a New Year's Eve dinner tomorrow. I will post photographs and perhaps video of the event. We will each be providing the after-dinner entertainment. Please check back for that!

Also, my blog is undergoing some aesthetic changes...thanks Josh! Let me know what you think about the final product.


  1. The living room looks great!

  2. The living room looks great! I love the mirror and the fireplace!


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