30 December 2009

Mirrored containers...

I was perusing the latest Martha Stewart Living Magazine and found information about how to make the aged mirror look on glass items. It sounded easy, so I had to do it!

Well, a word of warning...I searched all over for the paint. I finally found it at a Hobby Lobby. Do call ahead to your local Hobby Lobby before you go out there to make sure that they have it in stock. Unless, of course you are in the mood to visit your local Hobby Lobby. I paid $6.99 per can, a bit steep but worth it!

Here is how I did it:

You will need 1-2 cans of Krylon Looking Glass -Mirror Like Paint, a spray bottle filled with water, some painters tape, some paper to cover the glasses, and a large shoe box to put the glasses in while you spray them.

+First, wrap the glasses in painters tape and paper. You will be spraying on the inside, the covering with help protect the outside.

+Next, mist the inside of the glasses LIGHTLY with the water. You are now ready to spray with the paint. I found it worked best if you go in a down up motion. The directions say that you can wait a minute and spray another coat. I do recommend doing this. It will take quite a few coats to cover the glasses nicely. If you find that the aged look is not happening like you would prefer, continue to mist with water between coats.

+Finally between coats, let air dry. Martha recommended that you spray and put upside down on a drying rack. Well, I did not have a spare drying rack. I did, however, have the top of the shoe box so I let them dry there. I do not really think that you need to turn them upside down. I did the first time, and the excess paint came out...this was a bit messy.

+Let dry for an hour or so. Remove the paper and enjoy the beauty. I did have a bit of paint that seeped through the tape, I just wiped it off with a wet towel.

And here is the finished product...

I am searching for more glass items that I can spray with this miracle product. Perhaps you will see more items?


  1. The containers turned out really well! I give you a lot of credit for even working on a project like that! I'd buy the supplies with grand ideas of painting every glass item in my house and then it would sit in my basement for a year. hahaha!

  2. If I don't work on it right away, it will sit forever waiting. I am glad that I have this blog to motivate me to get things done to share them with my readers...you!

  3. Nice! Thanks for posting...I'm going to try this once I round up some glass. Maybe this summer?

  4. Let me know when you post photos...I have found a lot of glass at thrift stores. Best of luck!


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