31 May 2010

Random Wonderfulness...

Surprised to see me return so quickly? Well, summer vacation is approaching, so I will have more time for thrifting and redesign than I had during the school year. I appreciate those who have been patient through my times of inactivity.

My most exciting news! This may become a bit lengthy so please continue reading...I got the rocking chair that I have been coveting since Things Coveted in February and my trip to Atlanta! This is how it went down...

I was on my way home from work passing the resale shop near my school, when out of the corner of my eye I spied it! The owner has begun placing items outside to entice costumers in, so anything outside got my attention. I quickly went around the block! To describe my emotions would be difficult. I was glad that no pedestrians were near, as I may have come close to hitting them since the rocker was the only thing on my mind.

As I went around the block, the car in front of me was my friend Nurse Barb. She frequents this resale shop, as well as our secret one. I was honking and yelling out my window that the resale shop had my rocker! She and I quickly raced to the shop. When we got out, she was first to look at the price tag...$25! Unbelievable. Remember that the one that I saw in Atlanta was $85 and I was almost willing to pay that much for it.

We entered the store and perused her other items. Nurse Barb asked how much would she take for the chair since a piece of wood in the back was not original to the chair (it really isn't that big of a deal). The shop owner said $15...Nurse Barb said that we would take it! Never would I have imagined that I could have gotten it for $15 since I was comparing it to the Atlanta price and others that I have seen on Craigslist for $60-70. Do you see what waiting and a fearless friend can do to make your furniture dreams come true?

Now, the dilemma will be what color to paint it. I am leaning more toward a dusty grey...however upon closer inspection, I will have to paint the caning as well. The caning is overlayed on the rocker and it cannot be removed, so I will paint the chair first, then the caning. Tedious and mind-numbing for sure, but in the end I am certain that it will be worth it.

Here is a montage of the final piece (again), one that I saw in Atlanta, one that I saw on Apartment Therapy Chicago, and the other from coco+kelley. Lovely.

Oh, some other updates....

Yesterday we went to Wolf's Flea Market. This was our first time to this particular flea market. We paid the $1 admission fee and began the adventure. Within ten minutes we found a great wire rocker that would fit the black theme for the patio. $15 was the offer from the seller, Josh countered with $10 and it was now ours.

I went to Home Goods and found some cushions that would go well with the black and yellow theme. I felt inspired to finish, so I spray-painted another chair, as well as a table when I got home. I think that the grouping looks nice together. I am not in love with the table, but it will do for now!

I still have many projects to start, so I am hoping that you will see some photographs soon! Please remain following my blog to find out...

23 May 2010

Weekend Outdoors...

Yes, I have been absent for quite some time. I have been doing a few productive things, however. Care to see?

First, I have spray painted the hand-me down wicker furniture black. I have noticed that the paint is chipping, so I will need another coat plus a sealer. I have been searching all over for cushions that would complete the settee. I found these at Home Goods. I have two more chairs and a table that I will paint black. I will not, however, purchase the same cushions for the remaining furniture. I will stay in the black and yellow colors though.

Lola attempting to stay cool on the settee. Oh, some hand-me down pots from my mother. I am growing some lavender in the pots on the left.

Next, we got some heirloom tomatoes, so we needed to plant them somewhere. Half of the backyard is covered with rocks...thanks Joe Dogg...so until the rocks are removed we settled on planting them in pots. I was more excited about getting the wire supports for the tomatoes than actually growing them. I saw that Home Depot was selling colored supports (I don't know what they are officially called) for $5.99 and the regular supports for $1.99. I thought to myself, hello spray paint! So, I cleared out the garage and began spray painting them yellow. I think that they turned out quite nice. Notice how they accent the cushions!

Finally, Josh is tackling the area between the houses. He has discovered tons of slate under the dirt. It appears that again Joe Dogg was up to his usual. Instead of disposing of the slate, someone covered it with dirt. So, Josh has been removing this mess in order to plant some ground cover in this area.

Some other random photographs to enjoy.

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