30 March 2010

Atlanta Trip...

This past weekend, I visited my great friends Kori and Chris. Kori and Chris moved to Atlanta a few years ago, and I haven't been able to visit. Kori extended the invitation and off we went! As expected, I had a fabulous time! Kori is such a wonderful hostess...8 months pregnant as well!

We got the quick 3-day tour of Atlanta. Sampled the food and visited a few thrift stores. Through our journeys, I saw this rocker in a thrift store. Remember my previous posting where I coveted this rocker? Here is a similar chair without the wicker back and seat. It was priced at $85. I probably would have purchased it, had I not been in Atlanta. Double drat!

Then as we visited Anthropologie, I saw a pot that will be my color inspiration for the chair that I found at the Ark. I have not decided if the wood will be yellow and if the pillow will be grey or vice versa? Thoughts?

Oh, I did take some video while I was there. I met Kori's two fantastic dogs, Lily and Jackson. I do hope that I am spelling Lily correctly! She was quite cute.

We also stopped by a local sandwich place, Firehouse Subs. Here we met Don. He was such a fun man. I think that I would like to be his friend...perhaps. Enjoy the two videos that I took of him while were waiting in line for our subs. I would suggest that he gets one or two of the teeth fixed, only if we were friends, would I mention this, however.

I will end this posting by featuring my lovely friends. I dedicate this post to their hospitality and wonderful friendship.


  1. I say go for a yellow pillow! Also, I thought Kori was further along than 7 months? I thought she was about due?

  2. Your Atlanta post is incredibly sweet! It was our pleasure to have you visit. You and Josh have an open invitation anytime you want to come back and you got the spelling of Lily's name correct :)


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