30 March 2010

Thrifting Tuesday...

Well, today I made a quick trip to a Salvation Army near my house. I went there yesterday and looked around, nothing exceptional. However, I passed up a lamp and a 3-tiered tray. As soon as I got home I began regretting my decision...of course. So, today I ran down there again. Of course, the lamp was gone, but the tray remained. I quickly grabbed it ($2.95!). I did double-check with an employee just to make sure, she confirmed that it was gone. Drat!

I brought it home and began the cleaning process. It took over an hour to polish it up. I took it apart, polished each level, washed, and then reassembled.

Here is the before shot:

Here is the after shot:

I was amazed at how shiny it was! Now, what to do with it?

1 comment:

  1. I love the vision that you have for ordinary items. It is such a gift!! Please come over to my house, I need your expert advice on how to put a room together.



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