10 March 2010

Things Coveted...

I am really being a terrible blogger. I had every good intention of making this a regular posting! I will continue to be a better blogger, I promise.

With that being said, let's take a glimpse at my latest Things Coveted posting.

I really enjoy the black chairs against the black wall with the over-sized calendar. Next, I would love four of these industrial chairs.
Images from sfgirlbybay and Remodelista.

Let's continue discussing chairs. A ghost chair like this would be nifty. I saw that Target is carrying their own interpretation of the chair. But, after hours of searching...I cannot find it. If I find it later, I will update it. The chair with the orange cushion is the bamboo style that I am looking for. I know that one day I will find it at a thrift store.
Images from MadeByGirl and style court.

I am really addicted to velvet...at the moment. That is why I think that I am attracted to the bench. I love the color of the velvet and the stain of the wood. Please buy this for me! I would love to grab the blanket from the other photograph and sit for a bit.
Images from remodelista and sfgirlbybay.

Maybe a few accessories? I am coveting a fan similar to the ones in the photo. I saw one of these fans at the secret thrift store. Friend Debbie told me that many have inquired about the fan, I guess that means no fan! I will keep my eye open though. The pillows are really great. I am not certain why I am drawn to the style of the pillows. I would love this fabric on a chair, but would I become bored with the print? While I am talking about pillows, why are the pillows being dented in the middle for photographs now? Silliness, but I kind of like it at the same time!
Images from Vintage Rescue Squad and MadeByGirl.


  1. I love those pillows!!!! They're a lot of fun!

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  3. How many chairs does one need???


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