26 January 2010

They have arrived...

I got the campus cuties last week in the mail, so quick! To my surprise...they were an awful shade of pink. I knew that they would be pink, but not that pink. I had to change the color. Off to the Home Depot. Well, I was torn on the color...until I saw spray paint for twenty cents! How can you pass it up? So, I purchased four cans of seaside green.

Now I own four campus cuties who are seaside green. Nice spin on the dark green army men? I am uncertain on where the ladies will go in my house. I am trying them out here and there. Group them in twos, threes, or fours? So, for the photoshoot, I placed them in various spots throughout.

So, here is the eBay photo...

And now the seaside green campus cuties...

24 January 2010

Things Coveted...

Well, I want to apologize first! I was previewing my frequented blogs for Monday's posting; however, I was a bit uninspired. I feared that I would not be able to post a things coveted. Alas, I found something.

I discovered this product and wanted it to share it with you. Head on over to twelvesouth and check out the bookbook. What a clever way to hold your laptop. Plus, the photographs of the product are quite nice. Enjoy!

P.S. Stay close to your computer and my blog! The Campus Cuties have arrived! I painted them. I am still unsure where they will be placed, however. Please be excited!

18 January 2010

Things Coveted...

This week was more productive for finding things that I would enjoy having. Thank you bloggers for posting great photographs.

Let's speak about seating. The chairs on the left look really great, not sure how comfortable they would be, however. I do enjoy the stool on the left. I enjoy the color and shape. I know exactly where I could put it.
Images from The Design Files and Haus Interiors.

Next, recall the bar that I wanted to create? I saw these photographs and thought that these would be nice inspirations. The cloisonne jars, decanter, and glasses are terrific!
Images from Relish Small Pleasures and the Peak of Chic.

Oh, let's discuss storage. The shelves are so great! Not sure how they were created or where they are from, unfortunately. It is a nice alternative to the traditional pre-assembled wooden shelving. The wire baskets are pretty great too. They would look fun placed inside one of the shelves, well maybe more than one shelf!
Images from Lipstick on Your Teeth and Three Potato Four.

Oh rug, rug, rug! I do love a rug, but I do not trust my dog on a rug like this or any for that matter. I would love to roll around on the rug. I am certain that it is too soft to stop touching! Either rug would be nice, but the white rug is not realistic. It would get dirty so easily. I have been thinking about replacing my coffee table, but I have not decided on the best one. I am fond of the clear lucite one pictured above. I know that CB2 has a nice option, a bit small but still nice. Just like the white rug, I wonder how hard it would be to keep clean.
Images from Design Public and At Home At Home.

Moving on to lighting. As you can see, each floor lamp has the same basic shape. I am really coveting this type of lamp. I would love love love to have this lamp over my sofa. I enjoy the way that it arcs...so elegant.
Images from La Redoute and Desire to Inspire

Well, let's end the posting with some art from Liza Corbett. My friend Maura thought that I would enjoy her prints...which I do. I chose these two prints, St. Bride and And when you’re hungry and thirsty, here’s someone to chase you away. She has an etsy store that you can find here. I am quite fond of her drawings. Her artwork would make a great addition to my room in my house.

17 January 2010

Living room Curtains...

The living room curtains are finally up! Josh did a great job of mounting the rails...hey thanks! The hardest part was attaching the hooks to the curtain. Achy fingers! It turned out to be a bit of a contest to see who could attach them the quickest while we watched the Golden Globes...I won.

I have taken a few photographs, but I am still uncertain how they should be. Here are the choices:

+ panels between the windows.
+ 2 panels covering the side windows
+ 2 panels pushed completely to the edge, slightly covering the windows.

Nonetheless, the curtains look nice when entering the room. Perhaps it will take some getting used to. I am more excited about using them to block out the frigid air.

Sorry for the day and night shots. I was really anxious to post this blog. I suppose that I could have waited until the morning to be consistent.


Campus Cuties...

I was looking at Apartment Therapy one evening when I came upon the house tour of Michael and Anna's Rustic Modern Loft. As I was scrolling through the photos, I spied this photograph.

I immediately wanted these tiny women figurines. So, I set my detective skills to work! I went through each comment of the house tour hoping to find someone else inquiring about these objects...nothing. I viewed the photos again, hoping to find a link for more photos...and I found where they published more photos independent of Apartment Therapy's article. I emailed Michael about the photograph, and within a short time he told me that they were Campus Cuties and not too hard to come by.

I immediately checked eBay and find quite a few sole Campus Cuties. I was not willing to pay $22 for just one, because, well I wanted a couple like in the photograph. I found a gaggle of 4! I waited until the last minute, bid, and won! Excellent. So, I do hope that they are exactly as the photograph portrays them. The seller has excellent reviews.

I am hoping that they actually stand, I have a few places in mind where I would like to display them. As soon as they arrive, I will post photographs.

If you are interested, as I was interested, I wanted to learn more about these small creations. I was searching and came upon this Campus Cuties website. The author goes into detail about when and why they were created. There were two series of eight, the first series is easier to come by on eBay. The author includes additional close-up photographs that makes me covet a few from the second series. Here are the photographs of those:

So, if anyone happens upon Bermuda Holiday, Night at the Opera, or A Touch Of Mink do drop me an email at designrevisiting@gmail.com.

11 January 2010

Things Coveted...

Well, hello! I have decided to create a new weekly (I will try my best) posting called Things Coveted. These will be items that I have found through the plethora of blogs that I follow. It may change for a specific theme later on, but in its infancy, there will be random photographs of items that I would enjoy having in my house.

So, introducing...

Let's analyze the photographs in a clockwise fashion. At 11 o'clock there is a flannel chair that I would love to have in my home. It can be found at Brimfield, a local store that I discussed in an earlier posting. I would enjoy adding more flannel to my home; however, the price of flannel is a bit excessive.

Transitioning, I would like to talk about the mirror in the photograph at 1 o'clock. I have a great mirror above my mantel, yet I am on the look-out for a roundish mirror similar to this one that I can hang on a wall. I am drawn toward hanging the mirror by a rope or a chain, where the rope or chain is exposed. Exciting!

Oh, wow, we are now at 3 o'clock. So, the photograph is terrible, but this fun pillow can be found at West Elm. It is too pricey, but still, I saw it in the store and molested it a bit. It was so soft!

Let's end at 8 o'clock with the great industrial desk. I love all of the drawers on the side. I think that my father has a desk similar to the style, but a bit more chunky. Perhaps I can convince him to let me have it?

Well, please come back often to see what I have posted next. I am always open for comments. The comments help me shape my content.

Photograph credits: Apartment Therapy Chicago, Design*Sponge, West Elm, i suwannee, & Design*Sponge again.

10 January 2010

Black hutch...

Remember the black hutch from the garage sale? The deal that I got for $20! Well, I used the free blue paint from Glidden to paint the interior. I touched up some of the areas in black. I then hauled it up a flight of stairs...by myself, to the upstairs office.

This was my inspiration for the hutch. I saw this piece one day when I was out thrifting.

I am still uncertain what items I am going to display in the hutch. There is not enough separation (height) between the shelves to put books, so until then, I have some pieces from my white collection and some vinyl toys scattered throughout.

New Years Eve 2010...

Is that what it is called? Because the celebration begins on 2009, then continues to 2010? Regardless, as promised, I took some photographs of the celebration.

We were not able to have the lip synching performances, but it was a great evening nonetheless (I am not bitter that I typed out the lyrics and was practicing all day long in front of the mirror).

Each guest brought a dish and a beverage. The food was tasty!

Notice the white flower vases...I got them at the Salvation Army for 80 cents. Just a little candle melting, and they fit well. A nice addition to add ambiance to the table.

Oh, look, there is that bar tray stand that I was working on between Brett and Camay. I decided that I would use it for alcohol that night. I think that I may invest in some alcohol to place on the table, for that grown up look.

If you look closely, you can see the reindeer bartool set resting on the tray. Josh found this at World Market after Christmas. He was able to buy it for $8.00. The same day, we saw the same item at Z Gallerie for $39.95. I am not certain how to use each of the tools, but it looks great on the stand. What a great deal!

09 January 2010

Eames Lounge Chair...

As I daily peruse various design blogs, I am reminded how much I want this chair & ottoman. I do not need an original Eames lounge chair & ottoman, however. I would be happy with a replica or a cheap knock off. I am having such a difficult time locating one. This is my dream chair & ottoman. I really need help finding one that will not require me saving money for years. Any one who reads my blog, if you see something, please send me an email.

I particularly enjoy the chair with the plaid fabric. I apologize for using the photos without siting where I snagged them from. I did not intend on sharing the photos on my blog they are in my design files wish list, but I really want to find it!


02 January 2010

Home Goods...

Today, I went and bought nothing at Home Goods. I do enjoy Home Goods. They are usually hit or miss, but today there were a few things that I enjoyed. Joshua commented that to him, it is similar to thrifting. You have to search through the shelves for hidden treasures. With that in mind, I just walked around the store and took photos of things that I would enjoy having. Here are some of those items:

These would be nice in the garden.

Not sure what I would do with these...perhaps use them as vases?

I just enjoy the shape.

Nice ottoman, I would definitely change the legs.

The chair was a better color in person. The only thing that I would be afraid of is the amount of lint the chair would collect.

This stool has a great shape, I would like to change the cushion color, however.

I thought that the pencil cup was pretty cute.

01 January 2010

Friday thrifting...

I grabbed a few friends and we all went out for some mid-morning thrifting. I think that everyone else grabbed their families to do some Friday thrifting, the stores were packed! The Salvation Armies and Unique Thrifts were all open, but most other stores were closed...lame!

We were a bit hungry so we drove to find a bakery to start our thrifting day. Unfortunately, the store was closed because of the New Year's Day holiday...I am really confused as why many people were observing this day as a holiday? Well, we stopped for some bagels and coffee at another store.

We started at a thrift store on the North side of Chicago on Devon Avenue. Thanks to Katherine at BackGarage for the thrift store driving route. We followed her route and had a great time. I was perusing the shelves. I asked a friend to record it with his Flip video camera. I soon discovered that I was not prepared for the recording. I will share it nonetheless. He recorded me as I was perusing the glassware shelf. Nothing exciting here except the eye glasses. Hope you enjoy the videos.

We stopped at a great antique mall, Edgewater Antique Mall. There were tons of fantastic retro items; however, I was not prepared to spend serious cash on this trip. I got some great ideas for projects.

Great coat tree...which I am looking for. I cannot find a single coat tree. I have been looking on Craigslist and eBay, but still nothing! There was no price tag, but I was hesitant to ask the price.

These stools were pretty cute, but I did not have anywhere in mind that I could put them.

These were great too, could have been ideal for a lighting project, but again the price deterred me.

While in line at one store, we witnessed an entire family of Marys. By witnessed I mean that three out of four of us were staring at them the entire time we were in line (about 15 minutes). The mother's name was Mary Jo, one daughter was Mary Ruth...there were at least 3 other Marys. There was a grandma too, I am guessing she was a Mary as well. We kinda stalked them until we left. We witnessed them getting into a mini van with a bumper sticker that read: McCain and Palin.

At this thrift store, I found some candlesticks and a colander for the garden. The cashier suffered from osteoporosis, poor lady. She was insanely slow. I have included a photo of her as well because she made the day special.

When we left the store, we were off to another...and guess who we ran into again. Yes, the Marys!

We headed to Andersonville and most stores were closed there as well. Brownstone Antiques was open and so was Roost. I saw this fantastic plaid wool throw, but decided against purchasing it. The store keeper was a hilarious gentleman, he seemed like a person that I would like to be friends with.

So, our New Year's Day thrifting was not a huge success, but still fun! We concluded it at a local Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood...el pacifico. As I was in the bathroom, I saw this graffiti on the back of the door. I could appreciate the irony.

Well, hello 2010!
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