26 January 2010

They have arrived...

I got the campus cuties last week in the mail, so quick! To my surprise...they were an awful shade of pink. I knew that they would be pink, but not that pink. I had to change the color. Off to the Home Depot. Well, I was torn on the color...until I saw spray paint for twenty cents! How can you pass it up? So, I purchased four cans of seaside green.

Now I own four campus cuties who are seaside green. Nice spin on the dark green army men? I am uncertain on where the ladies will go in my house. I am trying them out here and there. Group them in twos, threes, or fours? So, for the photoshoot, I placed them in various spots throughout.

So, here is the eBay photo...

And now the seaside green campus cuties...


  1. I think they all look great, but I like the second to last one best! Are they made of plastic?

  2. They are made of plastic...I may change the color if the color gets old. They are six inches tall.


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