11 January 2010

Things Coveted...

Well, hello! I have decided to create a new weekly (I will try my best) posting called Things Coveted. These will be items that I have found through the plethora of blogs that I follow. It may change for a specific theme later on, but in its infancy, there will be random photographs of items that I would enjoy having in my house.

So, introducing...

Let's analyze the photographs in a clockwise fashion. At 11 o'clock there is a flannel chair that I would love to have in my home. It can be found at Brimfield, a local store that I discussed in an earlier posting. I would enjoy adding more flannel to my home; however, the price of flannel is a bit excessive.

Transitioning, I would like to talk about the mirror in the photograph at 1 o'clock. I have a great mirror above my mantel, yet I am on the look-out for a roundish mirror similar to this one that I can hang on a wall. I am drawn toward hanging the mirror by a rope or a chain, where the rope or chain is exposed. Exciting!

Oh, wow, we are now at 3 o'clock. So, the photograph is terrible, but this fun pillow can be found at West Elm. It is too pricey, but still, I saw it in the store and molested it a bit. It was so soft!

Let's end at 8 o'clock with the great industrial desk. I love all of the drawers on the side. I think that my father has a desk similar to the style, but a bit more chunky. Perhaps I can convince him to let me have it?

Well, please come back often to see what I have posted next. I am always open for comments. The comments help me shape my content.

Photograph credits: Apartment Therapy Chicago, Design*Sponge, West Elm, i suwannee, & Design*Sponge again.

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