02 January 2010

Home Goods...

Today, I went and bought nothing at Home Goods. I do enjoy Home Goods. They are usually hit or miss, but today there were a few things that I enjoyed. Joshua commented that to him, it is similar to thrifting. You have to search through the shelves for hidden treasures. With that in mind, I just walked around the store and took photos of things that I would enjoy having. Here are some of those items:

These would be nice in the garden.

Not sure what I would do with these...perhaps use them as vases?

I just enjoy the shape.

Nice ottoman, I would definitely change the legs.

The chair was a better color in person. The only thing that I would be afraid of is the amount of lint the chair would collect.

This stool has a great shape, I would like to change the cushion color, however.

I thought that the pencil cup was pretty cute.


  1. I am sensing a gross smell!

  2. I guess thrifting is not for everyone.

  3. The vase thing would be nice to store things for the garden/tool area


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