17 January 2010

Living room Curtains...

The living room curtains are finally up! Josh did a great job of mounting the rails...hey thanks! The hardest part was attaching the hooks to the curtain. Achy fingers! It turned out to be a bit of a contest to see who could attach them the quickest while we watched the Golden Globes...I won.

I have taken a few photographs, but I am still uncertain how they should be. Here are the choices:

+ panels between the windows.
+ 2 panels covering the side windows
+ 2 panels pushed completely to the edge, slightly covering the windows.

Nonetheless, the curtains look nice when entering the room. Perhaps it will take some getting used to. I am more excited about using them to block out the frigid air.

Sorry for the day and night shots. I was really anxious to post this blog. I suppose that I could have waited until the morning to be consistent.



  1. There is something else that is inconsistent in the photo.

  2. she didn't want to pose for the photo, unfortunately.


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