10 January 2010

New Years Eve 2010...

Is that what it is called? Because the celebration begins on 2009, then continues to 2010? Regardless, as promised, I took some photographs of the celebration.

We were not able to have the lip synching performances, but it was a great evening nonetheless (I am not bitter that I typed out the lyrics and was practicing all day long in front of the mirror).

Each guest brought a dish and a beverage. The food was tasty!

Notice the white flower vases...I got them at the Salvation Army for 80 cents. Just a little candle melting, and they fit well. A nice addition to add ambiance to the table.

Oh, look, there is that bar tray stand that I was working on between Brett and Camay. I decided that I would use it for alcohol that night. I think that I may invest in some alcohol to place on the table, for that grown up look.

If you look closely, you can see the reindeer bartool set resting on the tray. Josh found this at World Market after Christmas. He was able to buy it for $8.00. The same day, we saw the same item at Z Gallerie for $39.95. I am not certain how to use each of the tools, but it looks great on the stand. What a great deal!

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