17 January 2010

Campus Cuties...

I was looking at Apartment Therapy one evening when I came upon the house tour of Michael and Anna's Rustic Modern Loft. As I was scrolling through the photos, I spied this photograph.

I immediately wanted these tiny women figurines. So, I set my detective skills to work! I went through each comment of the house tour hoping to find someone else inquiring about these objects...nothing. I viewed the photos again, hoping to find a link for more photos...and I found where they published more photos independent of Apartment Therapy's article. I emailed Michael about the photograph, and within a short time he told me that they were Campus Cuties and not too hard to come by.

I immediately checked eBay and find quite a few sole Campus Cuties. I was not willing to pay $22 for just one, because, well I wanted a couple like in the photograph. I found a gaggle of 4! I waited until the last minute, bid, and won! Excellent. So, I do hope that they are exactly as the photograph portrays them. The seller has excellent reviews.

I am hoping that they actually stand, I have a few places in mind where I would like to display them. As soon as they arrive, I will post photographs.

If you are interested, as I was interested, I wanted to learn more about these small creations. I was searching and came upon this Campus Cuties website. The author goes into detail about when and why they were created. There were two series of eight, the first series is easier to come by on eBay. The author includes additional close-up photographs that makes me covet a few from the second series. Here are the photographs of those:

So, if anyone happens upon Bermuda Holiday, Night at the Opera, or A Touch Of Mink do drop me an email at designrevisiting@gmail.com.

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