18 January 2010

Things Coveted...

This week was more productive for finding things that I would enjoy having. Thank you bloggers for posting great photographs.

Let's speak about seating. The chairs on the left look really great, not sure how comfortable they would be, however. I do enjoy the stool on the left. I enjoy the color and shape. I know exactly where I could put it.
Images from The Design Files and Haus Interiors.

Next, recall the bar that I wanted to create? I saw these photographs and thought that these would be nice inspirations. The cloisonne jars, decanter, and glasses are terrific!
Images from Relish Small Pleasures and the Peak of Chic.

Oh, let's discuss storage. The shelves are so great! Not sure how they were created or where they are from, unfortunately. It is a nice alternative to the traditional pre-assembled wooden shelving. The wire baskets are pretty great too. They would look fun placed inside one of the shelves, well maybe more than one shelf!
Images from Lipstick on Your Teeth and Three Potato Four.

Oh rug, rug, rug! I do love a rug, but I do not trust my dog on a rug like this or any for that matter. I would love to roll around on the rug. I am certain that it is too soft to stop touching! Either rug would be nice, but the white rug is not realistic. It would get dirty so easily. I have been thinking about replacing my coffee table, but I have not decided on the best one. I am fond of the clear lucite one pictured above. I know that CB2 has a nice option, a bit small but still nice. Just like the white rug, I wonder how hard it would be to keep clean.
Images from Design Public and At Home At Home.

Moving on to lighting. As you can see, each floor lamp has the same basic shape. I am really coveting this type of lamp. I would love love love to have this lamp over my sofa. I enjoy the way that it arcs...so elegant.
Images from La Redoute and Desire to Inspire

Well, let's end the posting with some art from Liza Corbett. My friend Maura thought that I would enjoy her prints...which I do. I chose these two prints, St. Bride and And when you’re hungry and thirsty, here’s someone to chase you away. She has an etsy store that you can find here. I am quite fond of her drawings. Her artwork would make a great addition to my room in my house.

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