01 January 2010

Friday thrifting...

I grabbed a few friends and we all went out for some mid-morning thrifting. I think that everyone else grabbed their families to do some Friday thrifting, the stores were packed! The Salvation Armies and Unique Thrifts were all open, but most other stores were closed...lame!

We were a bit hungry so we drove to find a bakery to start our thrifting day. Unfortunately, the store was closed because of the New Year's Day holiday...I am really confused as why many people were observing this day as a holiday? Well, we stopped for some bagels and coffee at another store.

We started at a thrift store on the North side of Chicago on Devon Avenue. Thanks to Katherine at BackGarage for the thrift store driving route. We followed her route and had a great time. I was perusing the shelves. I asked a friend to record it with his Flip video camera. I soon discovered that I was not prepared for the recording. I will share it nonetheless. He recorded me as I was perusing the glassware shelf. Nothing exciting here except the eye glasses. Hope you enjoy the videos.

We stopped at a great antique mall, Edgewater Antique Mall. There were tons of fantastic retro items; however, I was not prepared to spend serious cash on this trip. I got some great ideas for projects.

Great coat tree...which I am looking for. I cannot find a single coat tree. I have been looking on Craigslist and eBay, but still nothing! There was no price tag, but I was hesitant to ask the price.

These stools were pretty cute, but I did not have anywhere in mind that I could put them.

These were great too, could have been ideal for a lighting project, but again the price deterred me.

While in line at one store, we witnessed an entire family of Marys. By witnessed I mean that three out of four of us were staring at them the entire time we were in line (about 15 minutes). The mother's name was Mary Jo, one daughter was Mary Ruth...there were at least 3 other Marys. There was a grandma too, I am guessing she was a Mary as well. We kinda stalked them until we left. We witnessed them getting into a mini van with a bumper sticker that read: McCain and Palin.

At this thrift store, I found some candlesticks and a colander for the garden. The cashier suffered from osteoporosis, poor lady. She was insanely slow. I have included a photo of her as well because she made the day special.

When we left the store, we were off to another...and guess who we ran into again. Yes, the Marys!

We headed to Andersonville and most stores were closed there as well. Brownstone Antiques was open and so was Roost. I saw this fantastic plaid wool throw, but decided against purchasing it. The store keeper was a hilarious gentleman, he seemed like a person that I would like to be friends with.

So, our New Year's Day thrifting was not a huge success, but still fun! We concluded it at a local Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood...el pacifico. As I was in the bathroom, I saw this graffiti on the back of the door. I could appreciate the irony.

Well, hello 2010!


  1. You were looking HOT with those glasses! Did you buy them?

  2. No, I did not purchase them...they were hot though, I must agree. I felt a bit off after I took them off, however.

  3. The videos wouldn't play for me!

  4. What a great way to start 2010!!!!

  5. Kori, did you try again?
    Fida, it was! Thanks for commenting!


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