21 August 2009

Finished classroom...

Well, it is always a work-in-progress, so it will certainly change throughout the year. Here are a few photos of my classroom. Enjoy.

cute window decorations that Joshua made.

My classroom management system...also designed by Joshua.

The students' mailboxes and fantastic calendar...also made by Joshua.

The students' locker... I make them share.

The bulletin boards.

My SmartBoard...excellent!

My finished hallway decorations...not sure what I think about it.

19 August 2009

I need this...

I really really want this. This wicker rattan poof is available at urban outfitters. I saw it previously for $80 something. I now see that it is half the price, I will have to check out my local Urban Outfitters!

Here is a photo! By the way, I REALLY want this!!!


Mad Men...

My friend introduced me to this site. I am a BIG fan of the show, so if interested visit www.madmenyourself.com for some great fun!

Hallway wall...

I started on my classroom hallway wall today, it is not finished, I was thinking about adding some sea life for some excitement.

I will post more classroom photos as my classroom falls into place. I am finishing up on last-minute decorating. So, I fear that this blog will be focused on my classroom until I finish. Then I do expect that I can begin another furniture project. I hope to find a more permanent location to work on my furniture once the fall and winter arrive.

17 August 2009

Rocker finished...

I have finally finished the rocker! I haven't shown my friend yet, so hopefully she sees the chair before she sees the photos. I would like to put one more coat of clear paint on the chair; however, each of the cans of clear that I have used, have had some sort of malfunction. I get through about 2/3rds of the can then it won't spray unless I shake it up and down as I spray...doesn't really work when trying to get an even coverage. So, tomorrow I am going to exchange the 2 cans that aren't working.

So, the rocker is complete. It is a great yellow color (Satin Strawflower...same brand as the clear paint). This was a fun project! I wasn't able to complete it as quickly as I liked due to the rain and other instances, but alas, I am finished. I wish I had my own personal space to work on these projects that the weather won't affect. Perhaps one day.

Classroom prep...

Today, I was feeling creative, so I was sketching an octopus for my classroom hallway wall. This years theme is octopus and mermaids! My plan for the hallway octopus is to write the students' names on the tentacles. Hopefully it turns out! Perhaps I will post some photos, if I remember!

A closer view...yeah there is an eyelash...I kind of enjoy it.

12 August 2009

Work in progress...

So, I didn't have time today to finish the rocker. It still needs at least one more coat, plus another sanding.

Since I am tardy in completing the chair, I thought that I would post a photo for a dinner snack...similar colors at least.

Vinegar Corn
+5 ears of corn.
+blanch the corn in boiling salted water for 3 minutes.
+drain & run cold water over corn until corn is chilled.
+in a bowl combine corn, 1/2 cup of chopped onions, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp cider vinegar, & salt and pepper to taste.

I placed the corn combination in the refrigerator to chill, I took a small bite and it was delicious.

11 August 2009


So, one of my favorite blogs BackGarage just had a posting that made me smile...the posting was Your Apartment Is Showing. My dream would to make it on here one day! I am not ready though, I would rather apply once I have moved into my own home...so hopefully it doesn't take too long. Until then, I will dream.

If you get a minute or two, make sure that you stop by an enjoyable website...

She always has great photos and suggestions for thrift stores. One day, I am going to do her Chicagoland thrift store day trip that is broken up by areas of Chicago.

I do hope that it is ok that I used her logo...just for advertising for her though! Thank you!

10 August 2009

More house photos...

So, as I continue my summer cleaning I have taken more photos of my house.

Here are some prints of my favorite artists: Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, and Jaime Z.

Another photo of my living room (den)...you can see my favorite chair (Eames study of famous rocker)...I wanted to include the chair in at least one photo. The deer antlers are courtesy of my brother-in-law.

Kitchen...never been this clean!

My office and Josh's closet...I was annoyed with this photo because I had to use my flash.

The front of the apartment...two great years here!

Back to Work...

The weather finally cooperated, so I was able to put some finishing coats of paint on the rocker. I am not completely done, however. I will only give a sneak peak of the chair...if anyone really is holding their breath in anticipation...or perhaps it is just for delusional me.

Also, as I was preparing to work today I discovered some tack cloth. Thanks Judy for the recommendation, it worked brilliantly. My only qualm, was that it left my hands sticky and greasy at the same time...perhaps the magic of the tack cloth?

Oh, I also thought perhaps some people might be interested to see where I do my work. It is in the gangway between my apartment and the coach house. Also, I took some photographs of the spray paint that has made its way on to the sidewalk. I really have tried to be careful...I placed numerous cardboard boxes and plastic down on the sidewalk; yet, somehow the paint manages to stain the sidewalk.

07 August 2009

Rain rain...

Well, the rain has ruined all chances for me to work on the rocker today. I was able to put on a coat of yellow yesterday. I have a couple more coats to put on, perhaps some sanding, and then a final coat of lacquer.

I need to begin looking for another project. I have the side tables and server tray, but I want to begin a project to sell. I need to visit the thrift store to see what is new.

I received some free paint from Glidden when they were having their give-away, so perhaps I will open the can and try it out? It is a light blue...if I remember correctly?

06 August 2009

Home Photos...

Just thought that I would post some photos of my home: entry way, dining room, and front room. I cleaned these areas, so I thought that I would photograph them while they were clean.

Rocking Chair...

So, I captured a few photos of my rocking chair. This is the second coat (clear coat was first). Some strange hairy things are clinging to the rocker. I removed them with sand paper, but as I spray they re-appear. It is quite annoying. I do hope that this is not something that I have to contend with throughout the process. I see where my laziness is kicking me in the butt. I put stripper on the chair, but the legs were difficult to strip, so I see some of the chunky varnish present under the pain. Egad.

Upcoming projects...

Here are two more projects that I will be working on at some point. Once I start hard-core working on them, I will post progress. But until then, enjoy the photos...

Coffee Table...

One more past project to add...a wooden coffee table. This too was an alley find! The table is quite large and heavy. I also spray-painted this table with a color and a lacquer. This item is currently not sold on craigslist, but I am speaking with some interested people.

Table Lamp Combination...

My roommate found this table lamp combination in the alley. It had a terrible faux-marble table top. It was easy to peel off. I just needed to sand off the adhesive. I spray painted it this bright-green and paired it with an inexpensive shade from Ikea. I posted it on craigslist and sold this as well!

Between coats...

Well, I am starting on a new project today...a rocking chair for a friend. This has been a process. I am using a new stripping agent for me (Zensser). It has a great orange scent as it is applied, then a wet smell once it sits. This is a great product because it is safer (per the packaging), and stays wet for up to 24 hours. This is nice because as I applied, I got a bit sick of scrubbing off the varnish, so I picked it up later that next day and the following day. I did this two times, then I washed it off with water. It has worked well, removing all of the varnish.

First, I am applying a clear coat of spray paint followed by a white base coat. I will update with my progression throughout the day. I will also attempt to sand between clear and white coats.

In the mean time (between coats), I will be posting older projects.

My apologies...

I am new to creating my own blog...I am not happy with the layout of the text and photos. I hope that I can fix this!

First Chair Project

Well, this is where I started. I found this chair at a local thrift store...$10. I went to my local Joann Fabrics for inspiration for the chair fabric. From there, the search for the perfect color began. I wanted to stray from spray paint for this project.

Side note, I live in Chicago, so due to graffiti, spray paint is not available for purchase in the city. I have to trek out to the suburbs to purchase spray paint...this time I thought that I would try my hand at regular paint. Pro: the colors are endless...Cons: the application process doesn't always have desired outcomes.

I thought that while I was at it, I would invest in a paint sprayer...great idea...or so I thought! Perhaps it works well for large projects, but small projects...not so much. It was out of control!

Needless to say, the sprayer was not ideal (I later returned it). I had to sand and strip the majority of the paint.

Oh, I am renting an apartment...so I do my work outside in the common area. I am super paranoid about getting paint on the ground. I have numerous boxes and plastic surrounding my work area...but with the sprayer...paint kinda got EVERYWHERE! So, I have learned my lesson and will only use paint brushes or spray paint from now on.

After much time, I finished my project. It turned out quite nice. Unfortunately, I didn't have any room for it in my apartment...so I sold it on craigslist. Here is the finished product.

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