06 August 2009

Between coats...

Well, I am starting on a new project today...a rocking chair for a friend. This has been a process. I am using a new stripping agent for me (Zensser). It has a great orange scent as it is applied, then a wet smell once it sits. This is a great product because it is safer (per the packaging), and stays wet for up to 24 hours. This is nice because as I applied, I got a bit sick of scrubbing off the varnish, so I picked it up later that next day and the following day. I did this two times, then I washed it off with water. It has worked well, removing all of the varnish.

First, I am applying a clear coat of spray paint followed by a white base coat. I will update with my progression throughout the day. I will also attempt to sand between clear and white coats.

In the mean time (between coats), I will be posting older projects.

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