06 August 2009

First Chair Project

Well, this is where I started. I found this chair at a local thrift store...$10. I went to my local Joann Fabrics for inspiration for the chair fabric. From there, the search for the perfect color began. I wanted to stray from spray paint for this project.

Side note, I live in Chicago, so due to graffiti, spray paint is not available for purchase in the city. I have to trek out to the suburbs to purchase spray paint...this time I thought that I would try my hand at regular paint. Pro: the colors are endless...Cons: the application process doesn't always have desired outcomes.

I thought that while I was at it, I would invest in a paint sprayer...great idea...or so I thought! Perhaps it works well for large projects, but small projects...not so much. It was out of control!

Needless to say, the sprayer was not ideal (I later returned it). I had to sand and strip the majority of the paint.

Oh, I am renting an apartment...so I do my work outside in the common area. I am super paranoid about getting paint on the ground. I have numerous boxes and plastic surrounding my work area...but with the sprayer...paint kinda got EVERYWHERE! So, I have learned my lesson and will only use paint brushes or spray paint from now on.

After much time, I finished my project. It turned out quite nice. Unfortunately, I didn't have any room for it in my apartment...so I sold it on craigslist. Here is the finished product.

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