06 August 2009

Rocking Chair...

So, I captured a few photos of my rocking chair. This is the second coat (clear coat was first). Some strange hairy things are clinging to the rocker. I removed them with sand paper, but as I spray they re-appear. It is quite annoying. I do hope that this is not something that I have to contend with throughout the process. I see where my laziness is kicking me in the butt. I put stripper on the chair, but the legs were difficult to strip, so I see some of the chunky varnish present under the pain. Egad.


  1. perhaps some of the stripper is still on the wood which may cause the paint to peel off?

  2. I think that may be the case. Did you give it a good washing before the paint? Or a good wipe with the Tack Cloth? Hope you figure it out.

  3. I did wash it twice...once with soap and water and once with just water...I do think that you are right about the left-over stripper.

    Maybe this weekend I will get a tack cloth, too? I need to get a mask! I have been doing it without. Sometimes, I use an old sock to cover my nose and mouth!


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