17 August 2009

Rocker finished...

I have finally finished the rocker! I haven't shown my friend yet, so hopefully she sees the chair before she sees the photos. I would like to put one more coat of clear paint on the chair; however, each of the cans of clear that I have used, have had some sort of malfunction. I get through about 2/3rds of the can then it won't spray unless I shake it up and down as I spray...doesn't really work when trying to get an even coverage. So, tomorrow I am going to exchange the 2 cans that aren't working.

So, the rocker is complete. It is a great yellow color (Satin Strawflower...same brand as the clear paint). This was a fun project! I wasn't able to complete it as quickly as I liked due to the rain and other instances, but alas, I am finished. I wish I had my own personal space to work on these projects that the weather won't affect. Perhaps one day.

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