27 February 2010

Things Coveted...

Well, Things Coveted has returned. This week's edition will look at chairs in pairs. I really would love a pair of chairs. I would like to put them in the living room across from the sofa in the corners.

I have the placement, now I just need to find a the perfect chair. Until then, let's enjoy a few photos.

Image from White & Wander

Images from Remodelista & Eddie Ross

Images from Little Green Notebook & ahn-minh

20 February 2010

Faux Bois...

Well friends, I have decided that my next project will be on the hideous cabinet that my father found for me along the side of the road. I hope to sell it when it is finished. I think that it will be a painting project, rather than a spray-paint project. So, I should be able to work on it down in the basement away from the cold. I am still thinking about colors. Any suggestions? Worry not, I will post photos once I start.

My inspiration for the project came from following Eddie Ross on Twitter. I saw that he was painting some nesting tables using the faux bois technique. I think that the top of the cabinet would look nifty painted this way. I will need to do some research on the process, technique, and types of paints needed to achieve the look.

Images from Eddie Ross.

Now, I need to get the tool. I saw that I can find it at my local Ace Hardware. It is called the Plaid Wood Grainer Tool. I hope so! I attempted to find it at Home Depot...nothing. UPDATE...I just got a five dollar gift card in the mail from an Ace near where I work. Excellent! Now, I just hope that they have the tool.

Here are some other images that you may enjoy that used the faux bois technique!

Image from Martha Stewart.

Images from poppytalk.

16 February 2010

The secret thrift store purchases...

So, I have cleaned and placed my latest purchases throughout the house. I am not certain why placing the pieces gives me such joy. Won't you sit back and enjoy the tour?

Well, the first photo was not a purchase from the weekend trip, but I really like the plant and the man deer together.

However, the photo on the right is my ever-changing bar tray. As you can see, sadly there is still no alcohol present. I would enjoy some gin or tequila if you wish...perhaps some Bombay Sapphire Gin. I think that would match nicely with the blue glasses that were from from the thrift store.

Here are the small kerosene lamps. I have decided to place them in a cluster next to the television. I do enjoy seeing them out.

And the hanging fruit basket. Yes, it is a bit grandma-ish, but let's bring grandma back! I need a place where I can see my fruit, if not, it often goes bad while sitting in the dishes on the table. Did I mention, the basket was only one dollar!

Finally friends, I am going to include a shot of Josh's aquarium. He recently began the collection. It has proved to be a source of relaxation for him to sit and watch. He did admit that watching them does cause him a bit of motion sickness. If you look directly to the left of the aquarium (your left), there is the white glass purchase with the lid.

I hope that you enjoyed the tour.

15 February 2010

Bathroom Update...

Remember the medicine cabinet posting? The road trip to Milwaukee? Click here if you do not recall the great deal that I got on the medicine cabinet from Restoration Hardware Outlet.

My parents came up a few weekends ago to install a bathroom fan as a birthday gift. Yes, it has come to that. When you become a home owner you get items for the house now instead of fun things like clothes.

I asked my father if he could also install the medicine cabinet. I knew that cutting a hole in a wall is a bit too much for me to handle, so I enlisted my father the pro.

I am glad that he was there to do the project, as he was cutting into the dry wall he discovered a pipe running up through the wall. He had to cut the pipe, and divert it in another direction so that the cabinet could fit in the hole.

Well, through all of his hard work, the cabinet fit nicely! Enjoy the photos.

Oh, I thought that I would include some other bathroom photos. The shower curtain is from Urban Outfitters, the faucet was a great deal from Home Depot, the soap dispenser is from Target, and the soap dish was a thrift store purchase.

Here is a cabinet that I decorated with deer antlers from my sister's husband's wildlife collection (things that he has hunted). I have placed some thrift store finds inside that I painted with the mirror paint, as well as other pieces.

And two of the Campus Cuties placed on the window sill near a plant and an owl.

14 February 2010

Things Coveted...

Well, I am back with Things Coveted. My apologies for missing a week. Last week, I was not inspired. This week I have found a few things.

I like the rocker found at a thrift store. I will have my eye open for a similar one. I like how it looks painted a nice black in the bottom photograph. If you see any in the Chicago area, please drop me a line: designrevisiting@gmail.com hey, thanks!

Images from Apartment Therapy Chicago and coco+kelley.

My mind is on my next blog posting, so stay tuned friends! Two words: faux bois.

13 February 2010

Great thrifting day...

Well, today Josh and I got an early start and headed out for a morning of thrifting. Jackpot! I got so many great items. I was introduced to this location by my good friend Debbie. However, I will keep the location secret to respect my fellow thrifter who would like for it to remain nameless...Barbara.

The location has a limited schedule. A friendly lady asked me if I wanted to be placed on their mailing list. I will be returning. Frequently!

It was a bit overwhelming, so I am certain that I missed out on many great items. Josh was there to assist me. Most of the items he found for me. Hey thanks!

Please enjoy a few photos. Once I place them around the house I will post more photos.

One more thing, the small kerosene lamps are similar to those that I saw at Anthropologie a while ago. Click here for those photos.

06 February 2010

Kori's Wedding...

I just found out that my friend Kori's photos from her wedding were posted on Martha Stewart's site. I am going to share a few...I hope that that is ok? I was in her bridal party. It was such a fun wedding. Go to the site here and enjoy the photos!

Upstairs Foyer...

The winter months are really affecting me negatively. I get home from work and crash on the couch with my reality tv. Every once in awhile, I crawl off the couch to take a picture or two, or do something creative.

I took a few photos of the upstairs foyer. I have my favorite Audrey Kawasaki print hung over the table. The table is a thrift store find. The chair, however, I found on the side of the road one day home from work.

I need suggestions for wall color? Again, the previous owner must have gotten the same color on sale and painted the entire house the same drab color. So, I need to paint this area!

The laundry room has been painted, I will be taking a photograph shortly...

01 February 2010

Things Coveted Chair Edition...

Tonight's blogs were full of fantastic chairs, so I thought that I would share some chairs that I covet. I am really wanting a sofa that has tufting. I am nervous, however, of dirt that may become trapped in the crevices or what happens if a button falls off? I do think that it would be worth it. I really want to get rid of my current sofa for a tufted treasure! So until then, won't you enjoy a few photographs?

What a lovely sofa! I love the shape and the color. Not certain on the comfortable factor, but add a few pillows I am sure that it would be splendid. I enjoy the shape of the next sofa, not the putrid color, however. I would really love a velvet piece of furniture...is it hard to keep clean or lint free?
Images from Relish Small Pleasures and Design*Sponge.

Or, consider the favorite standby of mine from Crate & Barrel. The Petrie sofa is such a nice sofa. It is comfortable as well I have sat it in many many many many times...but the colors online are not desirable. I think that in-store offers more colors...so until I become serious about changing my sofa, I will covet the Petrie sofa from afar...oh it comes in a chair version too! In leather! Don't forget the matching ottoman!

Well, just because it is not tufted does not mean that I still would not love it in my house. What are your thoughts on the black chair? Completely uncomfortable, but stylish! I have seen it on sale at my local Anthropologie, but completely not affordable! Or, the tartan stools from Brimfield? By the way, I went there again this past Sunday...it was closed again! The door says Sunday 11oo A.M. I even checked twice. Brimfield, if you say that you are going to be open, please be open! Now, the grayish chair is also quite nice. It looks so comfortable! Come to me!
Images from {BLACK. WHITE. YELLOW}, Brimfield, and Relish Small Pleasures.

Before I say goodnight, look what I discovered...

Check up on the curtains...look familiar?

Well, not exactly. However, they are in the same placement as my curtains. I guess that it is a good look. They have definitely grown on me.
Images from Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone.
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