18 October 2009

Road Trip...

Yesterday a few of us hopped in the car and traveled to Heinz Orchard in Green Oaks. It was actually more fun than I had imagined.

A few photos from the day...

Then is was off to Milwaukee. I had never been to Milwaukee, so the road trip was a bit more exciting. I had seen on one of my favorite blogs (BackGarage) mention of a great thrift store: St. Vincent De Paul Society. I was not let down, the store was one of the best. I found these items:

After purchasing these treasures, it was still too early to head back! We decided to visit more of Milwaukee. We were starved after the early morning apple picking, so we visited a local restaurant The National. The food was tasty! I really enjoyed the lights, perhaps I will keep my eye open for similar lights.

At another local shop, I saw these paintings which were quite fun. They were by an artist, Christina Vang.

From here it was off to Anthropologie, where I spied this great (but expensive chair).

We were done with this small shopping area, but had cheese and outlet shopping on the brain, so the adventure continued. This photograph was outside Tim & Tom's Cheese Shop.

So, I think that the best part of the trip was finding a Restoration Hardware Outlet. As I was perusing the aisles, I came upon this treasure:

The medicine cabinet was originally priced at $359; however, I was able to get it for 90% off! I could not pass it up. Now, I am just hoping that my father is able to make it work.

So, that was my weekend road trip. Perhaps more photos will follow of the orchard.

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  1. What a steal!!! You need to find me deals like this!



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