06 November 2009

My new chair...

I found this excellent chair on craigslist. I was so excited! I made Josh call the lady though, I was trying to do the exchange through email only. Phone conversations cause me such anxiety. She was out in Tinley Park, so off we went.

She opened her fence to the backyard, she had an enormous backyard with covered furniture strewn throughout. I am going to refer to her as coyote lady...you will see why soon. Anyway, she opened her garage to expose treasures of midcentury furniture. I ended up picking out the chair I saw online, as well as a globe light. She said that she had more inside, so off we went.

She was then distracted by her coyotes. She had 6 coyotes that she introduced us to. It was a bit strange. Meanwhile, she rescued 2 lady bugs from drowning in the coyote's water dish. She claimed that she was an animal activist.

Inside the home, she was a midcentury furniture hoarder. There was so much furniture! I will definitely keep her in mind when I need another lamp or piece of furniture.

Oh, check out the photo of the pillows that my mother made! I saw the fabric at Joann's and I had to have it. She did a great job, especially with the yellow piping! She also made some plaid ones for the winter. I will post photos of those later!

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