06 November 2009

Halloween 2009...

This year we all went out for Halloween. I have been dreaming up my costume for about a year now. Ever since I saw clips of the documentary, then the musical, then finally the entire documentary of Grey Gardens I knew that I had to be Edie Beale.

I began gathering items here and there to complete the look. The stockings from Target, the scarf from a thrift store purchased years ago. I was doing my research online to fine the perfect photo of her for the coshtume. I was taking notes and emailing myself photos to take with me to the thrift store.

So, we headed out to a local thrift store. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the entire store was half off. I was running wild. There were so many choices. I finally decided on a brown skirt with a black turtle neck. As we were checking out...I spied the perfect "fur" coat, it was only $9 with the discount. What do you think about the final coshtume?


  1. You look GREAT! I love your costume :)

  2. Haha! That is so funny! You should post more pictures so we can see the entire outfit!


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