29 November 2009

Winter season...

I have decided that I would attempt to decorate for Christmas. I don't have many decorations, and what decorations I put out, I will take photos.

Something completely much more exciting than my decorating, are the stools that I am including in the photo. My brother-in-law cut these up for me. I was able to pick them up this past weekend.

The stools were free for me, but similar ones at West Elm are $229. Only a slight difference between mine and their stumps. I prefer mine.


  1. Have you tried sitting on the stools to see if they are even comfortable?

  2. I sat on them outside while I was sanding the edges. I may sit on one to watch television tonight.

  3. Matt,
    I haven't been by the blog in awhile, it looks great!!! I love the stools! But what is on the wall behind them, it looks like stringed rocks...looks very cool. And thanks for the Curbly link ...very cool stuff!

  4. oh, the photo with the rug is not my house...it is West Elm's version. I took the picture for the comparison of the stools.
    I have added curbly to my frequently visited blogs. I enjoy it!
    hope that you are well!


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