06 September 2009

So sorry...

My deepest apologies! School has started and my personal time is a bit non-existent! I was taking my dog to the groomers today and spied a great table in the alley. I threw it in my car, and upon closer inspection, I discovered that it wasn't so great after all. I decided to give up on the table.

Worry not, I have another project that I will begin shortly. I have my parents searching alleys and the streets of central Illinois for items ready for a new look. My father sent me some photographs of the next project...take a gander!

Also in the works...I am going to add a partner...my friend Ji Hye. She and I are going to work on searching out the treasures and working together. Partners in crime are always fun. We have a plan for next year...stay tuned!

Please be patient with my lack of postings! Don't leave me. I will be back! Perhaps if she has some free time, she may be a guest blogger too?


  1. I LOVE THAT PIECE!!! My sister had one! LOVE IT

  2. I would love to see the final project because this thing is UGLY!!!


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