27 September 2009

New purchases...

Found these great pillows at HomeGoods. I am planning on using them in my sun room. Not sure how the room will turn out, it will certainly be a work in progress! Josh is convinced that they are dog pillows, but I think that they are not.

Oh, buying a new home meant that I got what the previous owner had...the refrigerator was the first problem that I found. The freezer worked; however, the refrigerator did not cool well. This I found out after I moved.

So, I have been without a refrigerator for quite some time...and until Saturday when this one will be delivered. I am quite excited about the new refrigerator!


  1. Did you measure this? Will it fit?

  2. Josh measured it...hopefully it fits!

  3. Your house looks great! I really like your new refrigerator!


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