27 September 2009

New bed...

I got a bed from Ikea...quite a steal! I purchased it in early summer for $85, original price was $300. I had to hold onto it in my old apartment for quite some time. So, this past Sunday seemed like a good time to put it together.

I plan on repainting the awful urine color as soon as things get settled, but until then I will have to deal with the color, I suppose.

I thought that organizing the pieces would make this less stressful...it did.

And now I begin!

Not too bad so far.

According to the photo, more than one person is required for assembling this bed! I have no one else to help, so I will make it work.

Thus far...no help!

I ran into an obstacle...the ceiling fan! Too tall, so I had to switch rooms. I waited until Josh got home, two people do make the process a bit smoother and quicker.

The finished bed. Please don't mind the missed-matched pillow cases. The nice ones are still in a box somewhere. Next to the bed are the end tables that I found at The Ark Thrift Store.

This is the color that I plan on painting the bed. Josh suggested that the side tables would look swell in a lacquered black. Sounds good to me. I will post photos once the projects begin!

Lola stayed in the office during the assembly. She sneaked off into the closet.

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