01 February 2010

Things Coveted Chair Edition...

Tonight's blogs were full of fantastic chairs, so I thought that I would share some chairs that I covet. I am really wanting a sofa that has tufting. I am nervous, however, of dirt that may become trapped in the crevices or what happens if a button falls off? I do think that it would be worth it. I really want to get rid of my current sofa for a tufted treasure! So until then, won't you enjoy a few photographs?

What a lovely sofa! I love the shape and the color. Not certain on the comfortable factor, but add a few pillows I am sure that it would be splendid. I enjoy the shape of the next sofa, not the putrid color, however. I would really love a velvet piece of furniture...is it hard to keep clean or lint free?
Images from Relish Small Pleasures and Design*Sponge.

Or, consider the favorite standby of mine from Crate & Barrel. The Petrie sofa is such a nice sofa. It is comfortable as well I have sat it in many many many many times...but the colors online are not desirable. I think that in-store offers more colors...so until I become serious about changing my sofa, I will covet the Petrie sofa from afar...oh it comes in a chair version too! In leather! Don't forget the matching ottoman!

Well, just because it is not tufted does not mean that I still would not love it in my house. What are your thoughts on the black chair? Completely uncomfortable, but stylish! I have seen it on sale at my local Anthropologie, but completely not affordable! Or, the tartan stools from Brimfield? By the way, I went there again this past Sunday...it was closed again! The door says Sunday 11oo A.M. I even checked twice. Brimfield, if you say that you are going to be open, please be open! Now, the grayish chair is also quite nice. It looks so comfortable! Come to me!
Images from {BLACK. WHITE. YELLOW}, Brimfield, and Relish Small Pleasures.

Before I say goodnight, look what I discovered...

Check up on the curtains...look familiar?

Well, not exactly. However, they are in the same placement as my curtains. I guess that it is a good look. They have definitely grown on me.
Images from Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone.

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