14 February 2010

Things Coveted...

Well, I am back with Things Coveted. My apologies for missing a week. Last week, I was not inspired. This week I have found a few things.

I like the rocker found at a thrift store. I will have my eye open for a similar one. I like how it looks painted a nice black in the bottom photograph. If you see any in the Chicago area, please drop me a line: designrevisiting@gmail.com hey, thanks!

Images from Apartment Therapy Chicago and coco+kelley.

My mind is on my next blog posting, so stay tuned friends! Two words: faux bois.

1 comment:

  1. That is fancy! I wonder how they keep the paint from peeling off the bottom of the rocker that makes contact with the floor? It would be fun in a cream/navy color scheme too


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