13 February 2010

Great thrifting day...

Well, today Josh and I got an early start and headed out for a morning of thrifting. Jackpot! I got so many great items. I was introduced to this location by my good friend Debbie. However, I will keep the location secret to respect my fellow thrifter who would like for it to remain nameless...Barbara.

The location has a limited schedule. A friendly lady asked me if I wanted to be placed on their mailing list. I will be returning. Frequently!

It was a bit overwhelming, so I am certain that I missed out on many great items. Josh was there to assist me. Most of the items he found for me. Hey thanks!

Please enjoy a few photos. Once I place them around the house I will post more photos.

One more thing, the small kerosene lamps are similar to those that I saw at Anthropologie a while ago. Click here for those photos.

1 comment:

  1. Those blue glasses remind me of the clear glasses Grandma had.


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