15 February 2010

Bathroom Update...

Remember the medicine cabinet posting? The road trip to Milwaukee? Click here if you do not recall the great deal that I got on the medicine cabinet from Restoration Hardware Outlet.

My parents came up a few weekends ago to install a bathroom fan as a birthday gift. Yes, it has come to that. When you become a home owner you get items for the house now instead of fun things like clothes.

I asked my father if he could also install the medicine cabinet. I knew that cutting a hole in a wall is a bit too much for me to handle, so I enlisted my father the pro.

I am glad that he was there to do the project, as he was cutting into the dry wall he discovered a pipe running up through the wall. He had to cut the pipe, and divert it in another direction so that the cabinet could fit in the hole.

Well, through all of his hard work, the cabinet fit nicely! Enjoy the photos.

Oh, I thought that I would include some other bathroom photos. The shower curtain is from Urban Outfitters, the faucet was a great deal from Home Depot, the soap dispenser is from Target, and the soap dish was a thrift store purchase.

Here is a cabinet that I decorated with deer antlers from my sister's husband's wildlife collection (things that he has hunted). I have placed some thrift store finds inside that I painted with the mirror paint, as well as other pieces.

And two of the Campus Cuties placed on the window sill near a plant and an owl.


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