16 February 2010

The secret thrift store purchases...

So, I have cleaned and placed my latest purchases throughout the house. I am not certain why placing the pieces gives me such joy. Won't you sit back and enjoy the tour?

Well, the first photo was not a purchase from the weekend trip, but I really like the plant and the man deer together.

However, the photo on the right is my ever-changing bar tray. As you can see, sadly there is still no alcohol present. I would enjoy some gin or tequila if you wish...perhaps some Bombay Sapphire Gin. I think that would match nicely with the blue glasses that were from from the thrift store.

Here are the small kerosene lamps. I have decided to place them in a cluster next to the television. I do enjoy seeing them out.

And the hanging fruit basket. Yes, it is a bit grandma-ish, but let's bring grandma back! I need a place where I can see my fruit, if not, it often goes bad while sitting in the dishes on the table. Did I mention, the basket was only one dollar!

Finally friends, I am going to include a shot of Josh's aquarium. He recently began the collection. It has proved to be a source of relaxation for him to sit and watch. He did admit that watching them does cause him a bit of motion sickness. If you look directly to the left of the aquarium (your left), there is the white glass purchase with the lid.

I hope that you enjoyed the tour.


  1. i really like the hanging fruit basket. i need something like that too, but i don't think i have a good space for it. your house looks so clean and tidy! :)


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