15 March 2010

Things Coveted...

Welcome back friends, this week, I have again chosen things that I would enjoy. I have no theme for this posting that will magically tie the items together...but I can certainly try!

So, I happened upon the porcelain penguin cup while I was looking at various blogs...it linked me to Mie Kongo's etsy shop. Once here, I discovered her other lovely creations! My problem is that I cannot decide whether I want the penguin or the owl? Either one would be great. I know that I would like to put one of them on my mantel. What are your thoughts? Penguin or owl? Please look at her other items, they are quite marvelous.

Let's continue with another white object (do you like how I attempted a cohesive transition?). This item is great! Although, I am uncertain as to what it is? Is it a ring holder or is it some type of mini juicer? Whatever the purpose, I would probably never show off the secret mysterious inner tool, I would purchase it for the owl factor alone. I enjoy it nonetheless.
Image from bijou kaleidoscope.

Well, this hutch is great! Great shape and color, but I do not really have anything striking to display in it. It does seem like a fun project to repaint if I came upon it at a thrift store.
Image from style court.

Finally friends, let us take a moment to enjoy these office chairs. They are terribly expensive, but I think anyone would enjoy such a seat at home. I think that I would like to sit in another chair and stare at it for a bit. On the site, you can choose chair color, base color, and cushion color and fabric (if you pay extra, if purchased, not to play around). The site was fun to navigate through and experiment with colors. Won't you take a few minutes to visit Fritz Hansen?


  1. I would choose the penguin, but it seemed to have some discolorations on it. The hutch and the chairs look fun! The other owl item looks dangerous!

  2. I also think the penguin is the better choice of the two and I'm pretty sure the owl is a ring holder????


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