31 May 2010

Random Wonderfulness...

Surprised to see me return so quickly? Well, summer vacation is approaching, so I will have more time for thrifting and redesign than I had during the school year. I appreciate those who have been patient through my times of inactivity.

My most exciting news! This may become a bit lengthy so please continue reading...I got the rocking chair that I have been coveting since Things Coveted in February and my trip to Atlanta! This is how it went down...

I was on my way home from work passing the resale shop near my school, when out of the corner of my eye I spied it! The owner has begun placing items outside to entice costumers in, so anything outside got my attention. I quickly went around the block! To describe my emotions would be difficult. I was glad that no pedestrians were near, as I may have come close to hitting them since the rocker was the only thing on my mind.

As I went around the block, the car in front of me was my friend Nurse Barb. She frequents this resale shop, as well as our secret one. I was honking and yelling out my window that the resale shop had my rocker! She and I quickly raced to the shop. When we got out, she was first to look at the price tag...$25! Unbelievable. Remember that the one that I saw in Atlanta was $85 and I was almost willing to pay that much for it.

We entered the store and perused her other items. Nurse Barb asked how much would she take for the chair since a piece of wood in the back was not original to the chair (it really isn't that big of a deal). The shop owner said $15...Nurse Barb said that we would take it! Never would I have imagined that I could have gotten it for $15 since I was comparing it to the Atlanta price and others that I have seen on Craigslist for $60-70. Do you see what waiting and a fearless friend can do to make your furniture dreams come true?

Now, the dilemma will be what color to paint it. I am leaning more toward a dusty grey...however upon closer inspection, I will have to paint the caning as well. The caning is overlayed on the rocker and it cannot be removed, so I will paint the chair first, then the caning. Tedious and mind-numbing for sure, but in the end I am certain that it will be worth it.

Here is a montage of the final piece (again), one that I saw in Atlanta, one that I saw on Apartment Therapy Chicago, and the other from coco+kelley. Lovely.

Oh, some other updates....

Yesterday we went to Wolf's Flea Market. This was our first time to this particular flea market. We paid the $1 admission fee and began the adventure. Within ten minutes we found a great wire rocker that would fit the black theme for the patio. $15 was the offer from the seller, Josh countered with $10 and it was now ours.

I went to Home Goods and found some cushions that would go well with the black and yellow theme. I felt inspired to finish, so I spray-painted another chair, as well as a table when I got home. I think that the grouping looks nice together. I am not in love with the table, but it will do for now!

I still have many projects to start, so I am hoping that you will see some photographs soon! Please remain following my blog to find out...

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  1. The patio looks very nice! Are the cushions waterproof?


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