25 April 2011

Oh hot damn...

I want to interrupt my fall posting with this...so Libby one of the duo from The Vintage Bazaar sent out an email requesting for shoppers of TVB to share purchased items for their site leading up to the next TVB. Of course, I wanted to share. I shared these photos with her:

And today, as I visited the site, I discovered this. Wow and wow. Now, of course I called my friends (Maura), as if I had been selected for some tremendous prize (which I kind of did). Could the day get any better, oh yes it could. As I sat watching Bethenny Ever After and perusing my favorite design websites I discovered this perfection. Not only did my photographs and story end up on one of my favorite sites, it also is appearing on one of my other favorite sites. Holy Hell! And...they mentioned this blog.

I may not sleep tonight...please come back in a bit for my fall posting.

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