26 April 2011

Fall 2010

I am back, much sooner than you may have anticipated. I would like to begin this posting with one of my favorite holidays...Halloween. Design...revisiting? Yes, thrift store all the way to find those items to perfect the costume. If you remember Halloween 2009, I also sought out the thrift store for my Little Edie costume. This year, we decided to go as famous artists. I was able to live out one of my fantasies, to go as Frida Kahlo my favorite artist.

Now, back to the vintage thrifting...I do enjoy a few places in Chicago that are a bit out of my price range, but are still fun nonetheless to visit. Here are a few of those vintage items that I would love love love to add to my house.

Love this Bertoia chair...not sure if I am fond of the black legs. I'll check back to see if it's still available.

Kinda love the sparkly fruit in a guilty pleasure sort of way...what would I do with it is the real question?

And these mugs, not terribly expensive, but a bit inappropriate...in a good way, however.

This sofa is lovely, so is the sign behind. I am looking for something to finish out the wall behind my bed. My father has some wood that would be perfect for this project.

I thought that I would end this posting with one of my favorite vintage finds...

I was perusing a random site and saw this vintage 1980s Louis Vuitton duffle. I had to have it and obsessed over it until it was mine. And each day that I use it, I fall more and more in love with it. Is this a problem?

I hope that you are curious what Winter 2010 will bring. Come back and often!

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