08 May 2011

The chandelier...

So friends, the lighting that was in the house when it was purchased was a bit horrendous. It looked like this:

I sold this, by the way, on Craigslist.

My thoughts had been back and forth about how to deal with the eye sore. Should I paint it? Should I replace the glass? Should I try round bulbs? What to do? I even decorated it for Christmas.

As I was on one of my favorite sites, I came across this posting. In the posting Morgan described her successful run at creating the chandelier.

I thought to myself, I am certain that my father could do this for me. Here are a few photos from that journey:

It turned out perfect. A few glitches here and there, which are to be expected. I was afraid in the beginning that it wouldn't produce enough light, but I was wrong. It is sufficiently bright. Well, enough of waiting. Here are the finished photographs. I tried to take it from a few angles as it looks differently from each side.

I do need to add some photographs from Winter 2010 still. I also got a George Nelson Saucer light for a ridiculous price. That too is a posting in itself. I am trying to figure out how to replace the hardware for that. Once I do, I will post! Take care.

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