29 June 2011

Lighting...Part 1

Ok, so you did not have to wait too long for the next posting. I am anxious to share with you the STEAL OF THE CENTURY.

Let's begin with some background information. I was meeting some coworkers in Geneva for a Saturday get together. On the way, I wanted to stop at this furniture thrift store. I will not mention the name right now, due to the deal that I got. I have really wanted to visit this store for quite some time. As I perused the merchandise I was not terribly impressed...until I saw the STEAL OF THE CENTURY. Well, of course I did not know at the time that it would become the STEAL OF THE CENTURY.

I saw this sitting in the back waiting to be added to the merchandise. A Nelson Saucer Pendant Lamp size large!

I asked Josh to ask the clerk if it was for sale. I have a fear of approaching people and asking questions...usually only when I am with other people who I know will talk to strangers for me. Weirdo, I know. Any way, as we were waiting for the manager to come and speak with us. We were discussing the price. How low would we go? How high would we go. I knew that a Nelson Saucer Pendant Lamp in size large was in the $400s from Design Within Reach. We discussed as we waited. I reminded him that we needed to play dumb if questions arose. We did not have to, the manager did all of the talking. Of course we could purchase the lamp. It was brought in the day before. He told us that it looked like an item that may have been in the New York World's Fair...not sure about that reference. Perhaps he meant futuristic? Regardless of this...we were still waiting for the price. He said that he could sell it to us for...I was ready to negotiate...$20! I immediately said that I would like it. We paid for the light, and quickly ran out of the store before they knew what had just happened.

And so the light sat in my house for a few months. The only problem with the lamp was that it lacked any of the internal lighting hardware. I asked around for advice as to how I could replace it. Finally, I contacted Modernica, and they sold me the internal parts. With shipping, it came to $95. Total cost of a Nelson Saucer Pendant Lamp size large...$115.

Well, handy father visited and the first thing that I wanted him to do was hang my treasure. And now it hangs in my living room. I promise you that I smile every time I see it. *Smile*. And that is how the STEAL OF THE CENTURY came to be.

Oh, and pay attention, if you will, to the color of the living room. I am revealing it now.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful. The lamp, the room... well played all around. Still coveting this. One day we will have to trade super-secret thrifting stories!

  2. Hey John...thanks for the compliment! As mentioned before, open invitation to come visit and see the fence & trade secrets!

  3. That is truly the steal of the century! I love it! Thanks for sharing.


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