22 June 2011

Spring 2011

I was reviewing my posts and forgot about Spring. Spring was not as eventful as the other months, but still worth sharing.

I went to New York over my Spring Break. Josh was art directing some photo shoots for Eyefly...a branch of Bluefly. I went along.

I included the above photograph to make a connection to the following photograph. As I was walking through the Meat Packing District, I ran into one of the photo shoots.

There I am in the background. I fear that they did not do anything with the photograph, but there I am!

As I explored the city I saw these at Anthropologie. I hope to attempt to make one of them.

It also happened during this season that I became obsessed with ferns. I am now the owner of at least six indoor ferns and countless outdoor ferns. Sick.

I also received one of my favorite birthday presents ever...a gold sheaf of wheat table. I am in love with this table.

It became a Craigslist find (thanks Josh) that quickly turned into a eBay bid. Why list an item in both places? I won the bid and now it is mine. I found some matching candlestick sconces at the Vintage Bazaar that I will share when I discuss my house paintings.

So, because of this table I needed to incorporate more brass and gold into my house. I received this great giraffe from Kori.

Next, Maura introduced me to Savers. We made a trip over their one afternoon and found a few treasures.

I also started planning what the patio would look like for the summer season. I found these at Ikea.

We became more involved in the neighborhood. We participated in a neighborhood street clean up. I must admit that it was fun. We met quite a few people. It is not Wisteria Lane, but maybe one day. I want to take more of an active role, so I am in charge of organizing the Monticello Block Yard Sale that will take place in July.


  1. Matthew - I am sooo excited for new blog posts. I found your web site a month or so ago through The Vintage Bazaar or Study, I don't remember which. One of them posted about where things they had sold were now. I saw your wire basket and knew I would love your blog because I had also just purchased a wire basket at an estate sale. Just curious...have you seen that Pottery Barn is now selling our wire baskets!??!! They are calling it a French Laundry Hamper and charging $150. I don't know about you, but I love my vintage one much, much more than a reproduction.


  2. Kristine, I had no idea...just checked the pottery barn one out now. Definitely the vintage is way better than the reproduction. I still haven't really figured out what to use mine for. What are you using yours for?
    Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

  3. I'm using mine to hold many potted plants. It's a win win for me because the plants are closer to the window for better sun and yet they're caged in so the kitties can't get to the them to dig or eat. I'm still searching for the perfect pots to re-pot the plants in, but as I'm sure you'll agree the thrill of the hunt is the best part!


  4. Kristine...great idea for using it as a plant stand! I may try that out. I'll have a post coming up showing some of my plants off in my sun room.

  5. Matthew - I just found another one! This time at CB2. This time it's only the wire basket, not the stand with wheels, but still. http://www.cb2.com/search.aspx?query=1c194


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