29 June 2011

Living Room

With summer approaching, I got the itch to begin painting rooms in my house. To remind you, I have been living here for about two years. I have been living in a beige world. The entire house is beige, and I cannot handle it any longer. When I look at beige, even in little doses I become a bit angry. Colors were chosen and narrowed down. It was decided that Chinchilla by Martha Stewart Living would be the living room color (second from the left).

I would also like to let you in on a dirty secret. I hate painting. I painted the inside of a very small closet, and it was one of the most painful things that I have ever done! So, to take on a room of this size was a bit crazy for me. Nonetheless, I gathered my supplies and began painting.

Let me remind you of what the room looked like before:

Oh look, beige walls and beige carpet.

And here are some photographs of in progress.

So, it took me about a week off and on to paint. The finished room, in my opinion is exactly what I was hoping. I will offer the reveal photograph in the lighting posting that will follow. Please come back.

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